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Web-Socket Client

The client instance present on:


This is the raw WebSocket connection coming from the ws package. There are more methods available which aren't encouraged to use along with Colyseus.


sessionId: string

Unique id per session.


In the client-side, you can find the sessionId in the room instance.

auth: any

Custom data you return during onAuth().


send(type, message)

Send message a type of message to the client. Messages are encoded with MsgPack and can hold any JSON-seriazeable data structure.

The type can be either a string or a number.

Sending a message:

// sending message with a string type ("powerup")
client.send("powerup", { kind: "ammo" });

// sending message with a number type (1)
client.send(1, { kind: "ammo"});

leave(code?: number)

Force disconnection of the client with the room.


This will trigger room.onLeave event on the client-side.

error(code, message)

Send an error with code and message to the client. The client can handle it on onError